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  1. Prozac (fluoxetine) is an efficient selective serotonin reuptake prevention prescribed for some disorders you might have been figured out from - such as obsessive-compulsive ailment, misery or some eating disorders. It's really vital that you speak with your wellness care service provider before beginning the treatment and talk about all the aspect of it, by doing this making certain you are constantly safe and getting the type of procedure you require. Before your medical professional suggests you a specific dosage of Prozac see to it you inform him if you have any health care concerns that should be reported - such as liver condition, heart disease., a current history of cardiovascular disease, seizures, or diabetic issues. They may have an effect on the amount you are prescribed and have an effect on the success of you therapy if you do not state them. Prozac could have light and much more severe adverse effects. The following ones are feasible and taken into consideration normal during the procedure: sleepiness, dry mouth, uneasiness, weight-loss, sore neck, weakness, queasiness, reduction of appetite, and adjustments in libido. More major negative side effects can include hallucinations, hives, difficulty breathing or ingesting, confusion, severe muscle tightness, puffinessing of the face, or uneven heart beat, and should be mentioned to your physician straightaway.

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